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  • Me Mesogyny

    I still don’t really understand memes or what constitutes them. If I’m being perfectly honest it makes me feel old, my own ignorance as to why something is funny while others are jajaja’ing it up. A few years ago I moved back to Michigan after almost fifteen years away. In an attempt to be more […]

  • Hockey Has Daddy Issues

    Hockey is a place of father figures. The ousting of Mike Babcock as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets for “some of his polarizing old-school tactics” does not stand to represent a change in hockey culture but only exposes the patriarchal structure which dominates the sport. Even the language often used to describe Babcock […]

  • Smash That Like Button: How social media bias impacts the Palestinian-Israeli narrative

                  Over the last few weeks talking heads and watercoolers alike have been abuzz with the story coming from the Middle East and the conflict between Palestine and Israel. The reported deaths in the region since October 7th is nothing short of horrifying, with the number of civilian and children casualties eclipsing the number of […]

  • Distinction Staves Off Extinction

    Of the several issues discussed throughout the texts for this week’s readings what stands out most prominently – to me, and, in effect, to this blog – is the issue(s) of distinction, and often the lack thereof. In addressing the question of “why English?,” Matthew Kirschenbaum’s systematic and explicit numbering of the reasons with D.H. […]

  • Putting the “dig it!” in “Digital Humanities”

    One of the most curious things to consider about digital humanities is the notion that “[The absence of digital history arguments] is part of a broader, problematic practice in which historians regularly use digital versions of primary sources, but almost never cite those versions.” It seems overwhelmingly clear that such a practice is undertaken likely […]